Saturday, March 25, 2017


17th MARCH 2017 ~ It was time for dinner Japanese style, and this time I really had a wonderful time trying a lot of (halal) Japanese food, thanks to Mr. Syafiq, my ex-student who is currently studying here. He took me to this place called "Ramen Honolu" and I was very eager to try the ramen here (especially when the last time I had food was the in-flight meal at about 9:00 a.m.).

The restaurant was a small one, a typical Japanese eating place, which could only accommodate 8 people at one time. We were lucky there were two empty seats when we arrived, or else we would have to queue outside in the cold weather. There was this Malaysian family of the parents and two (adult) kids and another two Malay guys who spoke English when conversing. (I was not eavesdropping but they were sitting very close so I could actually listen to everything they were talking about if I wanted  to).

Even though we were actually eating at the counter, right under the noses of the two Indonesian operators (I overheard them speaking so I knew), we still had to buy coupons first from the vending machine in the restaurant. So my choice of food would simply be a one liner to Mr. Syafiq: "I am eating whatever you are eating."

So how was the ramen? It tasted very much like our local "mee kari" [translate: curry noodles] and the fried chicken was very Malay-ish. I wonder whether they had adjusted the ingredients to suit the taste buds of Muslim visitors from South East Asia. However, I was not complaining. That was a very delicious (big) bowl of my first ramen ever.

There will be more posts on my gastronomic adventures in Osaka and Kyoto coming soon.